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(See below for previous accomplishments in 2011.)

Saturday (Dec 10, 2011):

Work session this Saturday morning will begin a little later as winter gets closer. (8:00am) The later start time will take a little edge off the morning coolness and give us a little more daylight not to mention allow us to sleep in another 30 minutes or so. As always, there will be coffee on when you get there.

At any rate, we'll continue & hopefully complete the left hand turnout started last week. In addition, depending on the number of helpers we get, we may be able to complete the setting & connection of the two right hand turnouts at the southwest corner of the building & start laying track north from that point along the west side of the building. 

Don't forget, that Museum Open Houses will occur on both Saturday & Sunday (12:30 to 4:30) for the next two weekends. Any of you who can help out at any of these Open Houses would be enormously appreciated. This is the time of year where where the donation box & the gift shop brings in fairly substantial returns and that money benefits all of the Museum's displays including our 7-1/2" gauge RR. Please consider helping out if you can.

Regards, Burt 

Saturday (Dec 3, 2011):

Saturday @ 7:30 AM we will meet to start building another turnout (inside the building where it will be warm). We'll move the template table inside. Perhaps, we'll even complete the turnout and be able to move the table back outside.

If the weather isn't too bad and enough people show up, we may be able to get the other two turnouts connected & ballasted - we'll see how it goes.

Don't forget the Christmas party at the Stewart's on Sunday if you signed up.    See you Saturday at 7:30 AM

Saturday (Nov 26, 2011):

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Have a great time with family & friends. 

If you feel the need to work off a little bit of the weight you may put on, we will have a work session scheduled for this Saturday - beginning @ 7:30 AM (1/2 hour later than usual).

Last Saturday, we put down 100' of track . . . almost a record. It looks great, but needs additional ballasting. We could do even better this Saturday.

Looking forward to seeing you. Burt 

Saturday (Nov 19, 2011):

We'll meet at 7:00 AM this Saturday to begin laying & ballasting track from the SW corner of the parking lot where we've completed the finished grade work. Hope to see you there.


Saturday (Nov 12, 2011): 

UP-844 Steam Locomotive is in town incase you've been hiding under a rock. It is on display in the yards east & south from the Cherrybell post office. This link to UP's website gives more detailed information about it's schedule.

We have a scheduled work session tomorrow starting at 7:30AM. 

The 844 is scheduled to pull out of the yards at 8:00 AM, arriving at the Amtrak Depot at 8:20 where it will be on display for 55 minutes. At 9:15 AM, it will depart - headed for Picacho. I would like to see this history making steam engine and thus I am planning on leaving the work session & following it for a while up I-10 from Prince Road. Thus, I will be leaving the work session somewhere around 9:00 AM to get into position. My guess is that I will be gone for an hour or so. Everyone is welcome to participate in this by doing the same thing or staying at the GPD to continue working. Perhpas the turnout will be impacted by the Steam Engine being downtown which is fine. 

Just wanted to give everyone an update about what to expect.

PS: Glenn & I will be picking up another load of the 1/4 minus base material this afternoon so that we may complete the finish grading at the SW corner of the building.     Burt

Saturday (Oct 29, 2011): 

Tomorrow afternoon, Glenn Ellis & I will be picking up another load of the 1/4-minus base material so that we will be able to continue placing base around the SW corner of the site as well as along the backside of the building to allow for track placement. 

Saturday at 7 AM, we will meet for another work session. Weather is promising to be "Chamber of Commerce" approved. Projects that can be worked on include:

1. Placement of base material as described above.

2. Forming & pouring the last drainage box off the SW corner of the enclosed porch.

3. Repositioning as needed, the items in the west end of the loading zone so that additional turnout construction can begin.

4. Finish raking in preparation for landscape restoration in the SW corner of the site. The retention area created by Glenn in the Bobcat with the rock & dirt berm needs to be raked out and finished.

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday at 7 AM.   Burt

Saturday (Oct 22, 2011): Canceled


I've got to tend to an emergency that will prevent me from being at the Museum tomorrow morning. Glenn Ellis (also a key holder) won't be there either as he is out of town on a hunting trip. Thus, I'm afraid that I will need to cancel this work session tomorrow morning. 

I do plan on going down early Sunday AM to work on some items including possible pouring the drain box at the back of the porch. I will be there about 7 AM SUNDAY morning if any wish to join me. Remember that there is an Open House Sunday beginning at 12:30 and going to 4:30 if you are interested.

Again, I apologize for the short notice.   Burt

We will meet again at 7 AM this Saturday @ the GP for another work session. Projects for this work session will include:

Form up & pour the small drain box at the new sidewalk intersection at the SW corner of the porch enclosure.

Finish raking & establishing final grade by placing and leveling 1/4-minus material on the curve from the south parking area around to the west side of the main building in preparation of track laying.

Put metal framing & siding leftovers from the porch enclosure project away for future construction. This material was donated to us by the General Contractor - thank you Jerry Munson!

We were the recipients of additional donations of wood beams from the General Contractor doing the room addition. These beams are stacked outside the container and could be used to building the shade structure for the "steaming bays". The design of that structure has not been prepared but it isn't too early to start thinking about it. This will be helpful creating a shady place to work on future track panels & turnouts as we have essentially lost the back porch to the construction. Thank you Jerry Munson again.

See you Saturday AM. 

Saturday (Oct 15, 2011): 
(work session this weekend is cancelled/postponed)

Due to the RR related events this weekend in the Phoenix Metro area, the work session for this Saturday is being cancelled. Several of the GPD members are traveling up to Phoenix to attend the swap meet at the Adobe Mountain Desert RR Park and take in the Fall Meet of the Maricopa Live Steamers while they are at it.

We will return to the regularly scheduled Saturday work sessions on the 22nd.


Saturday (Oct 8, 2011):

The start time is again being adjusted 1/2 hour later. We will meet at 7:00 AM as the daylight is coming later - summer is over and this is the time of year that we absolutely love. Tasks are similar to last week as the contractor will already have begun work on the sidewalk extension intended from the back door, along the container to the parking lot. We have been advised that we need to remove all of the items from the back porch for the construction project. We'll move them out & tarp them for now. More discussion on this issue will occur Saturday.

We'll knock out/cut out the forms for the trench drain - Raymond is fabricating the grates for it. 

The regular monthly meeting for the GPD will be tomorrow night at 7 PM. Program for the meeting is a guest speaker (Zoe Richmond, Director of Public Affairs) for Union Pacific. Hobo Steaks will be served beginning at 5:30 prior to the meeting ($5 donation). 

Hope to see you Saturday. Burt

Saturday (Oct 1, 2011):

Wow, the weather is becoming almost awesome - it's time for the snowbirds to start thinking about returning. Yes - that's YOU HUGH (say that 5 times real fast) and FRED too!

We will be returning to the Museum this Saturday at 6:30 AM (coffee will be on and donuts available). It will be cool and we can evaluate our recent work on drainage. The building permit for the porch enclosure has finally be obtained (at great cost) and thus the contractor will begin his work soon (I think). Thus we will need to stay out of his way and not hinder or encumber the area where the building work is being conducted. We'll know more about that on Saturday.

Hope to see you all this coming Saturday. Burt

Saturday (Sept 24, 2011):

Starting at 6:30 AM, the coffee will be on as usual as we continue to correct the drainage deficiencies at the SW corner of the site in preparation of continued track work. Last Saturday, a lot of progress was made redirecting drainage to the existing headwall & drain near the back fence & parking area west of the Caboose. A little more work in this area is still needed. 

We now know the sidewalk alignment from the existing exit from the southwest corner of the Museum, so we can complete the drainage structure at that corner as well. The weather should be great again. Look forward to seeing you there.   Burt

Saturday (Sept 17, 2011):

This Saturday, we've got a lot of drainage improvements to work on - the recent monsoon has caused significant evidence of work still needing to be done. That which we have built is working well - it's the areas where we haven't yet built the improvements that need our immediate attention. 

We'll meet at 6:30 AM sunrise - coffee will be on as usual. Look forward to seeing you this weekend.  Burt

Saturday (Sept 10, 2011):

This Saturday, beginning at 6 AM, will be our last work session before the beginning of the Open Houses that will begin the following day (Sept 11th).

Focus will be on cleaning & straightening up the porch lumber supply as well as making the site presentable. There will be a lot of lumber "culled out" so if you want some for whatever type of project you may have at home, please bring your truck. Otherwise, it will get hauled off.

In addition, we're going to try & form the rock curb area to stabilize the rock settings with concrete on the parking lot side while still retaining the rock appearance on the "cut side".

Lastly & hopefully, we'll try to form & pour the trench drain at the north end of the north drive.

Fall isn't too far off, so our efforts will take on a different pace as the heat of the day won't be so oppressive.

Hope to see you there.   Burt

Saturday (Sept 3, 2011):

This Saturday's session will begin with the building being opened at 6:00 AM.  As usual, coffee and donuts will be available.

Work scheduled may include any or all of the following:

  • forming & pouring concrete trench drain at the north end of the north drive entrance piped into the dry well.
  • raking and grading for drainage at the recently placed headwall & placing rip rap stone to prevent erosion.
  • locating and constructing another drainage crossing similar to the recently created structure further to the west.
  • mortar setting the small stone connecting the curb sections where the notch was cut off the parking space between the drive entrances.
  • begin general cleaning around the site in preparation of the upcoming open houses beginning September 11th & 25th.

Bud Stewart has given us two weeks to get the porch "cleaned off" in preparation for construction to begin on the porch enclosure project.  The following tasks will begin:

  • moving the pre-fabricated track sections off the porch area
  • relocate the two pallets of treated ties to the opposite side of the container.
  • sorting the stacked lumber, culling out the bad material & retaining the good.
  • disassembly of the track making jigs into their separate, shorter, movable, sections for relocation as needed to facilitate the building project.

Lot's to do, looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

PS:  Don't forget that tomorrow night (Friday) is the regular membership meeting beginning at 7 PM.  Guest speaker will be the Mayor, Bob Walkup speaking about the modern trolley project and also passenger rail service between Tucson/Phoenix.  Should be interesting.  Dinner in the form of prepared sub style sandwiches will be served beginning at 5:30 for the standard $5 donation.

Saturday (August 27, 2011):

We are going to postpone outside activity this Saturday at the GPD and take a 1-week break.

PS: For those who might be wanting to help pitch in anyway, the work inside the building is picking up steam as the September Open Houses are quickly approaching and a lot of projects are not yet complete.

Saturday (August 20, 2011):

Last Saturday, a strong turnout resulted in a significant amount of progress. The drainage solution at the north drive entrance was started & nearly completed with the solution being similar to the concept used south of the drive in the cut area adjacent to the rock wall. We will continue working in this area this Saturday. In addition, there are a couple of other drainage crossings that need to be trenched & dug.

The second turnout is nearing completion with only some final adjustments needed to the gauging.

This Saturday, I'll be at the GPD to open up again at 5:30. We will be moving back this start time to 6:00 probably in a week or two as the sun is coming up later each day now.

Saturday (August 13, 2011):

Work will begin on the drainage issues that have presented themselves as a result of recent Monsoon activity as well as being present at the north drive. The Monsoon has provided great evidence and thus the opportunity to get these addressed now before we have track placed and subsequent damage.

I will be at the GP about 5:30 to open up and get needed coffee brewing. Hope to see you there.

Saturday (July 30, 2011):

This Saturday, beginning at 5:30 AM (facility will be open & coffee will be on).

This will the last work session for a couple of weeks as several of the museum members are traveling to Colorado on the GP Excursion. 

At this work session, we will be putting the finishing touches on the first turnout by installing the guard rails opposite the frog. It's been a huge learning experience as we've made our share of trial & error type of miscues, but the finished product is actually something to be very proud of. Raymond, thank you for taking the "bull by the horns" and getting us started down the right track. 

Other efforts that can be started this Saturday include track leveling & ballast tamping.

Hope to see you there before we take a well deserved week off.   Burt

Saturday (July 23, 2011):

The work session for this Saturday is scheduled to begin at 5:30 AM and will go until about 11 AM depending on the weather. Work may proceed on the turnout, although Raymond has a pre-scheduled conflict so he won't be attending. There are several other tasks that are pending including the following:

Level the bridge over the invert at the end of the parking lot.

The stone work at the corner of the north parking space above the retaining wall needs to be mortared in.

The drainage work at the north drive is needing to be started.

The track from the north drive all of the way south around the caboose enclosure needs to be leveled, tamped with additional ballast added here & there.

Glenn is recovering nicely from his shoulder surgery and will probably be with us although he won't be swinging a pick & shovel for a while.

Your fearless leader's back is almost 100% after throwing it out clearing cactus from his brother-in-laws house (that should teach me!)

Look forward to seeing you Saturday AM at the GP.  Burt

Saturday (July 16, 2011):

Due to various factors, the work session for Saturday (July 9th) is CANCELED. We will resume work sessions Saturday (July 16th) and an email will be sent out next week as usual.

After a welcome week off, this Saturday July 16 at 5:30 AM, the GPD will be open and coffee will be on for those who need it.

Work will continue on turnouts under the direction of Raymond and we will do some final planning on the design for the drainage structures at the north drive area.

Last work session, two separate groups worked on two separate portions of the project.  

One group worked on establishing final rough & finished grade for the curved section between the west end of the parking lot on the south curving up toward the straight section that will head north behind the building. About 70-80 feet of grading was done and base material set.


The other group worked on building the layout's first turnout.  This is a monumental undertaking requiring a significant amount of patience and understanding. The result of the efforts looks good, albeit not 100% completed yet. Ultimately, getting it on the ground and testing it will give us a better understanding of what should or shouldn't be tried. The layout and construction is following construction techniques used by others including our friends to the north, although the size of this turnout (radius) is smaller. 

Work will continue next week on creating the steel points from channel iron and also creating the guard rails and deciding upon the method by which they will be installed.

Enjoy the week off, it may be the last break for a while.   Burt

PS: I want to apologize for not recognizing the efforts of some of our group who have been silently documenting our progress from the earliest days of our efforts. They have taken a significant number of photos which have been given to me in formats ranging from processed pictures, printed pictures, electronic formats including pdf, jpeg, tiff, bmp etc. I have included some of their pictures in previous emails sent out and many of these pictures have been linked or included in the GPD website. I can't push the "rewind" button, so for the current moment, I can only offer my humble apology. In the future, I will try to provide credits although I will undoubtedly make some mistakes as the photos provided to me electronically are not "branded" with the photographers ID thus I am at the mercy of my crappy memory. This is another case of not being able to push "rewind" as I could have stored the photos under the authors name. In the future I will be doing that so appropriate credit may be provided. For the time being, regarding photos appearing on our website and also included in these email rants, please extend thanks to the following members who have so generously given us this priceless documentation:
Wayne Wesoloski
Hans Huth
Robert Thomson
I know that there have been others that have also contributed photos to me as well, but my memory is fading with time. If I have failed to mention you, I apologize again. Please remind me at the next opportunity & I will try to make amends.

Without these contributions of photos, all of this history would be lost.

Saturday (July 2, 2011):

This Saturday, @ 5:30, the gates will be open & coffee on for those that need it. We established, via blue top spikes driven into the ground, the alignment & elevation for the finished grade on the remaining portions of the main line. Now we need to get the dirt set to those elevations. Due to the heat (and now humidity), our work hours will become further limited however we can still accomplish progress if we start early enough.

Please join us as we begin this next phase of work. Turnout construction is in the beginning stages. Frogs have been ordered and points will be constructed from channel iron which will be obtained shortly. Raymond McDaniel has offered to head up that effort as he has the most experience building these devices. Initial layout of our first turnout (switch) may also occur on Saturday. 

Hoping to see you early Saturday.  Burt

PS: An "INFORMAL" get together is being planned for Monday, July 4th at the GPD to have dinner, fellowship & then enjoy the fireworks show on A Mountain from the vantage point of the GPD. The fireworks display is scheduled to begin on 'A' Mountain at 9:15 PM. We're thinking that we'll have dinner together (inside the building with the AC on) about 8:00 PM after a socializing time starting about 7:00 PM. These times may get adjusted +/-. 

At the moment there is not a specific plan in place to coordinate who is bringing what as it was initially contrived to be sort of a "potluck" affair with everyone bringing something. Sheri Stewart is sending out a flyer via email to GPD members about the event. As I said, it is somewhat informal and it relies on members to bring part of the party stuff with them although I think main course (burgers/dogs/etc) is going to be provided. I will be bringing a large "events grill" to do the grilling of burgers, dogs, etc outside. If you want to assist, please contact Sheri @ 749-0228)

Saturday (June 25, 2011):

This Saturday, beginning at 6 AM we'll begin several tasks:

1. Jim Degrood and Raymond McDaniel will be doing more surveying and grade setting with the blue top RR spikes. This will enable us to prepare the remaining portions of the layout for track placement.

2. Glenn Ellis will be moving the large pile of dirt in the SW corner and placing that dirt along the drainage way on the backside of the building to create just a little wider level space adjacent to the track alignment so that trains won't roll down the hill if a derailment occurs. We also need to relocate the steel rail & ties out of that same corner as this area will soon become easily accessible by the bobcat.

3. The rest of us will do leveling tasks on the track already laid between the drives and up to and through the caboose enclosure.

The heat of the day will cause us to break early - probably in the 10:30 neighborhood I would guess. Don't forget to drink lots of fluids.

Last week, we had an incredible showing. I had no idea how many people came, but the attached photo suggests that there was at least ten.

See you all Saturday. 


Click to enlarge

Saturday (June 18, 2011):

This Saturday, beginning @ 6:30-7:00 AM, we should be able to complete the straight track run across the south end of the parking area where the bridge placement occurred. Without further grade work, this will be the "end of the line" for a while. We can also begin the work of "leveling" the track as we do have a RR car that can be trail tested on the new track (the locomotive tender inside the Museum).

Last Saturday was simply amazing in terms of production. 100' of track was laid & ballasted. Dale Cover designed & built a "wagon" upon which track sections can be loaded and easily transported to where they are needed - thank you Dale. We had a new helper join the group - Robert Geary - who immediately pitched in and was a huge help with the work. Hopefully, Robert will continue to come.

Saturday (June 11, 2011):

After a week off to attend to duties at the summer train meet, we'll get back together this Saturday morning to continue with the track laying from the point where we left off. We have a good chance of getting track laid into the Caboose enclosure or darn close to it.

As usual, I'll be there at 6:30 to open up & get a pot of coffee brewing. The gates will be open, so please feel free to show up early if you wish. 

Reminder: This Friday is the General Membership Meeting at the GP. The meeting starts at 7:00 PM although there will be a meal served again starting about 5:30. Guest speaker with be Rod Pace, Rosemont Copper CEO.

Saturday (May 28, 2011):

This Saturday, starting at 7 AM (I'll be there at 6:30 to open up), we'll continue with the work on the track laying. It's going to get pretty warm fast, so we want to gauge carefully how much work we start so we can complete the ballasting process to provide the maximum amount of security possible.

1.We need to level the track installed last Saturday. This is kinda a two man project and is pretty easy to do. We could actually postpone this work until a later work session.

2.We need to do a little leveling work on the previously prepared base from the south drive connection heading toward the caboose enclosure to eliminate some of the derailing problems we encountered with the ballast spreader. This too should not be too time consuming, nor would it be very difficult.

3.We can begin laying the curved track in this portion making sure we ballast what we lay to provide as much vandal security as we can.

Click to enlarge

Saturday (May 21, 2011):

This Saturday @ 7 AM, we will complete the grading, placement & ballasting of the rail sections between the drives in preparation for the Open House on Sunday May 22. We need to carefully get the vertical grades corrected before placing the ballast. This is the part that shows the most and will have the greatest impact on the smooth travel of the trains & thus contributes to safety as well. Look forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Update: After all of the hard work, we're finally seeing the "fruits of our labor". Over the last two work sessions, we placed and ballasted all of the rail between the drives. Mind you, there is a learning curve with respect to this. I expect that things will start picking up pretty quickly, although the heat is picking up too. Next Saturday, the expected high may reach 100 (but it's a dry heat!). 

Here are photos taken by Hans (thank you Hans):

Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge Click to enlarge

Saturday (May 14, 2011):

This Saturday, we will complete the placement & final grade work for placing the base material between the north drive and the parking lot area next to the Caboose Enclosure. We also need to finish the trench and build a form for the catch basin for the last drain line at the back corner of the porch. For obvious reasons, this trench & drain installation must be completed before the next open house 5-22-11.

The work session Saturday will begin at 7 AM. As usual, I'll be there by 6:30 to open up and put coffee on.

We are quickly approaching the day when track goes down (probably a week from this Saturday).

Note: The ballast will be delivered tomorrow afternoon (May 13) between 12:30 & 2:30 for those of you who may never have seen a big pile of rocks. Help is not needed however you're welcome to come over and share a beer or ???

First Track - May 14, 2011
First Track

Saturday (May 7, 2011):

7:30 Saturday AM we'll try to finish the final placement and leveling of base material between the drives and complete the final grading & placement of base from the south drive around the caboose to the parking area. We also need to make another form for the catch basin to be placed off the corner of the porch for draining the trapped area between the porch & container.

We hope to have word on the ballast as well.

Hope to see you there. I'll be there no later than 7 to get coffee on and get the gates open.


PS: General Membership meeting tomorrow night (Friday May 6th) begins at 7PM however, this meeting is advertised to have the "return of the Super Chief" which I understand is a BBQ Pork offering with all the fixin's for a mere $5 donation. Dinner serves beginning at 5:30PM.

Saturday (April 30, 2011):

There will be a work session this Saturday as we finish preparing the area between the drives for the laying of track. As normal, the session is scheduled to begin at 7:30 - I'll be there about 7:00 to open up and put on the coffee. Base material
Last session, the trenching was completed between the drives. The drain piping was installed in a geo-tech tube at the bottom of the trench and rock filled the remainder up to grade. The spoils are mostly removed and all that remains is raking the rock level in a few places, placing geo-tech sheet material over the rock, and then placing the 1/4 minus base material. The base will get raked out, leveled, tamped and we'll be ready for track.

Rock Drain

While that work goes on, we need to clean out the trench between the Caboose & fence for placing the UG conduit. This is a relatively short segment, but there is a lot of spoils that filled the trench during the trenching process. The narrow shovels will come in very handy for this project.

The above ground conduit that will be attached to the fence may get temporarily installed to permit the short unistrut pieces to be cemented in, but that may get postponed until after the porch enclosure project is completed.

Hope to see you Saturday.  Burt

Saturday (April 23, 2011):

Work will continue beginning at 7:30 AM preparing all of the trenching for drain pipe and conduit installation. As usual, I'll be there at 7:00 to open up & put coffee on. 

All of the trenches got dug last Saturday, although the rock and construction debris in some of the trenches just beat us to death. A huge thank you to Glenn Ellis for arranging the donation of the trencher from Bingham Equipment Company and for supervising & doing the lion's share of running the machine & making sure no one got hurt. 

A lot of loose soil still needs to be removed from the trenching by hand. Raymond McDaniel made a narrow blade, long handle shovel that, with the trench shovels from Glenn Ellis, will make that job barely tolerable.

Other work includes:

  • Removing spoils from the R.O.W. between the drives. This is shovel & wheelbarrow work although it isn't nearly as bad as digging in the bottom of the trenches. This is hand work because we can't get the bobcat down this section without causing damage to the trenches just dug.

  • Finishing the post holes for the unistrut along the fence and setting the unistrut into the holes with concrete.
    We've secured, via donation, a 36" wide landscaping rake and a 36" wide grade leveler use by landscaping firms to spread and level 1/4-minus DG (the base material we're using). Those tools will be at the GP for inspection Saturday.

Darel Magee has secured additional pipe fittings to elevate the pull boxes above finished grade to allow code mandated burial depth for the big conduit. Thank you Darel for taking that on.

Raymond McDaniel has built a steel enclosure for the backflow preventer so that (hopefully) it won't be stolen again. Last time, the theft cost the GPD over $1,000 to replace. Thank you Raymond for taking on that task - I know that the BoD appreciates your efforts and it reflects well on this groups work. Raymond will be welding mounting brackets for the "cage" during this work session and will need some help with that.

See you Saturday AM.


Saturday (April 16, 2011):
We'll meet Saturday @ 7:30 AM to begin the trenching work for several items:

1. The drainage trenching along the "Cut Area" between the drive entrances. Perforated drain piping will be placed into the trench with surrounding rock & geo-tec material to prevent silt encroachment. The drain piping will be extended to the excavation hole made at the north end next to the drive entrance. This excavation will be filled with rock to facilitate drainage.

2. The trenching between the porch & the fence (across the loading zone) for placement of the 3" conduit for future electrical. Saw cutting of the pavement will also be required.

3. The trenching between the fence & Caboose across the track alignment for placement of the 3" conduit for future electrical to the Caboose.

4. The trenching across the rear track alignment (between the porch & drainage way) & under the buried RR rail to allow for additional drainage from the porch roof & surface drainage accumulating between the end of the container & the corner of the porch. Another catchment basin will be constructed during another work session.
Conduit can be installed into the trenches & backfilled. Photo documentation for this installation will occur.

Glenn Ellis has secured a track trenching machine for this work session that is being donated by Bingham Equipment Co. located at 5225 N. Casa Grande Hwy. We certainly appreciate their help & support.

Hope to see you there - No more 40 degrees, rain & wind ! ! ! 

lsTrenching4-16-2011.JPG (225155 bytes)  lsTrenchingNoah4-16-2011.JPG (229369 bytes)

Saturday (April 9, 2011):
The work session for Saturday is still on, however if you wake up and it's pouring rain, obviously you may opt to stay home.

The weather is certainly going to be a deciding factor, however it will be nice & cool and as a result, if it isn't raining, we can get a lot of work done.

For those of you interested, Glenn & I will be meeting tomorrow (Friday) afternoon to do some pot-holing in an attempt to locate the SW Gas main so that we can safely trench along the cut area for drainage. It is imperative that we verify the depth of this main for obvious reasons. 

Some of the work that can be done on Saturday includes:

  • cutting the pavement across the loading zone in preparation of the trenching

  • taping the steel sweeps that transition from UG to aboveground

  • digging the holes for the unistrut mounting posts for the conduit mounting at the south fence.

  • grading/raking for drainage along the top of the rock retaining wall

  • placing of base material from the south drive entrance into the Caboose enclosure

Here's hoping for a rainless Saturday AM ! ! !

Saturday (April 2, 2011):
Summer is arriving (so it may seem) this Saturday, thus we are going to move the start time forward. We'll begin @ 7:30 for those who can arrive that early in order to avoid some of the later morning heat. As usual, I'll be there by 7 to open up and get a pot of Java brewing for those in need including myself.

Work this Saturday will include:

  • Finish raking of the gradient adjacent to the retaining wall.

  • Finish mortar setting the top stones on the retaining wall.

  • Strategy discussions for installing the "french drain concept" on the east side of the track alignment between the drives to address the drainage issues. Dale Cover raised a valid point about the trenching capabilities where we encounter caliche soil which we know is at the surface.

  • Finish raking the drainage swales in the rear of the building.

Remember, there is a General Membership Meeting Friday @ 7PM although dinner will be served again starting @ 5:30 I believe. Hope to see you there.

Saturday (March 26, 2011):
1. Mortar set the top coarse of the rock wall. Robert says that this will stabilize the cap course without the mortar being seen making it safer if someone walks on it as well as giving it more endurance against the elements.

2. More digging as required to achieve finished grade adjacent to the retaining wall. The amount of digging needed will be determined this week (hopefully) as the survey crew will establish pins along the section. 

3. Planning and constructing a drainage solution from the finished grade along the retaining wall.

Accomplished Saturday (March 19, 2011):
1. Work on the rock wall nearly completed - it's really looking great and is remarkably stable. Not only adding stability to the adjacent earth, it will be dramatic running the first train through the cut. Congratulations to Robert Rubino & his talented accomplices.

2. The rear of the building was re-graded to create drainage swales to take any surface drainage to the catch basins that were previously constructed. With the upcoming room enclosure project, drainage in the back area becomes more important.

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